Saturday, January 7, 2012

To you Garry's Mod Players out there

If you go on to the Toybox, and see that the most popular map is "gm_jail_simulator2" under the name Mirab, His Sails Unfurled - That was me.

Let me explain the story behind that. So the map has a lua worm in it, which makes it so that when you download and play the map, it forces the game to give the map a "like" on the Toybox. This kept happening till the map became increasingly popular, and as it gained popularity it got to the front page of the Toybox so more people downloaded it, to the point that it's now more popular than any other map.

The map is nothing more than a boring cell, with stuff like a bed, for some reason a lamp, some prison bars, and a guard standing outside. It is literally a jail simulator, it simulates what it's like to be locked in a cell.

Here's a picture of how many likes I got.

Now, here's some of the lovely comments that I got:

Also, here's part of what the map looks like:

Pretty dull, right?

Oh, also one more thing.


  1. A jail cell with a Brazzers logo. HMMM

  2. Interesting. Didn't know maps could even do that.

  3. good game community kinda dyin thou